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GENRE: Comedy/Drama  RUNNING TIME: 5 minutes  FORMAT: HD


Chris (Craig Vye) and Darren (Geoffrey Breton) are two best friends from a small town outside London who’s ordinary life has become a boring routine. They are motivated to reignite their life by an old high school friend who contacts them for a glamorous night out in London. Just minutes into their night out in the city Chris and Darren soon discover that their friend is in deep trouble and they attempt a quick get away. Thrown into a car chase one stupid act ends them where they began.



Chris Craig Vye 
Darren Geoffrey Breton



Written and Directed by                         Storyboard Artist
Georgina Higgins                                      Steve Langlois

Produced by                                              Assistant Camera
Kristyna Sellnerova                                    Alex John Golesworthy

Cinematography                                       Sound Design
Eben Bolter                                                  Christof  Wiseman

Editor                                                           Sound Recordist
Natasha Westlake                                       Frank Barlow

Casting                                                         Script Supervisor
Andrew Fawn                                               Gemma Chitty

Production Design                                     Location Manager
Taylor Huggins                                             Camille Gaultier

Art Direction                                                Location Supervisor
Emma Taylor                                                 Eduardo Rodrigalvarez

Costume Design                                         Production Assistant
Sophie Bugeaud                                           Max Forrester, James Millard

Make-up Design
Monika Swiatek

Assistant Director
Jordan Kotras




Kingston Film Festival – Aug. 14th – 17th

Seattle True Independent Film Festival May 2nd-10th.

Hill Country Film Festival Apr. 30-May 4

Showroom Shorts – Feb. 18

American Online Film Awards


Two Short Nights Film Festival – Dec. 12

LA Shorts Fest – Sept. 09

London Independent Film Festival – Apr. 20

Festival de Cannes (Short Film Corner) May 15 – May 26



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